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Comet’s Fall Blue Topaz Pendant

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A delicate tracery of forged sterling silver trails behind a stunning 1 1/3 carat deep blue Topaz in this unique pendant inspired by Halley’s Comet.

There is something so inspirational about the heavenly bodies in our universe. For thousands of years we have looked to the stars and imagined what might be up there. In our modern world, we are lucky enough to see the most amazing sights, simply by looking through a telescope, or through the feed from satellites orbiting the planet we call home.

As an artist, one of the most evocative of these views are the images of the comets. Science may tell us that they are only chunks of space ice and rock, sailing through space trailing their vapors. But the ancients called them the messengers of the gods, bringing tidings of important events. It is this that I think of when I look at the comets. Mysterious, unknowable messengers that streak across our skies, leaving awe and shimmering mists in their wake.

Comet’s Fall is uniquely forged of anti-tarnish argentium sterling silver, and measures approximately 2 inches from stone to top most silver flourish, and approximately 1 inch in over all width. Because of the construction of the pendant, the “height” will lay slightly horizontally, in an unending snapshot of celestial flight.

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