Your Free Guide to Art Jewelry

You know you’re different than everyone else. When it comes to your style, you don’t want to walk in step with thousands of random strangers. You want to be the Lady in Red who goes against the flow and whose style makes everyone’s head turn.


Uniquely Beautiful describes you to a T.

But you’re also smart. Smart enough to know that Art Jewelry has a language of its’ own that most jewelers don’t – or won’t– explain. You value your art jewelry, but you want to know for yourself that what you’re getting is the quality you deserve.

Which is why I wrote my Guide to Jewelry just for you.


  • Explanation of all the proof and quality marks used in Art Jewelry.

    Those little stamps mean a lot- and I’ll tell you how to read them!

  • How to care for common gemstones found in Art Jewelry.

    What gemstones should never be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner? Get the guide, and you’ll find out!

  • What you really need to know about diamonds- and what really doesn’t matter.
  • My custom recipe for preventing tarnish- the easy way!

And a Special Bonus~

  • My Exceptional Guide to Exceptional Gems

Jewelers have been making thousands of dollars for a thousand years off this information- and I’m just giving it away! So why am I telling you all this?

I think it makes Art Jewelry all the more special if you know exactly how valuable, intricate, and amazing your jewelry really is. What I create is highly complex, and extremely technically difficult, but it’s also amazingly interesting. It boggles my mind why any jeweler wouldn’t tell everyone they know all this important information- so I’m giving you this guide absolutely free.

Don’t miss out!