Whisper of Smoke Welo Opal and Gold Designer Pendant by Kaelin Design

Whisper of Smoke


Whisper of Smoke is inspired by the paradox of Opals. Formed by water, they bear within them the essence of flickering fire, embodying both states at once. Water and Fire, both captured forever in stone. This Welo Opal pendant in particular further bears out the paradox by being smoked, which darkens the opal body, showcasing the phenomenal play-of-color even more clearly.

  • Hand Forged in Sterling Silver and 14 karat Gold
  • 1 inches in length
  • Custom cut Smoked Black Welo Opal
  • 16 inch 14k Gold chain
  • Signed by the Artist
  • One of a Kind Original
  • Complimentary Gift Wrapping
  • Free US shipping
  • Ships in 2 business days

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