Shimmering Seas Hand Forged Blue Topaz Silver Earrings by Kaelin Design

Shimmering Seas


Endlessly shifting, infinitely fascinating, the seas have shimmered beneath the stars since time began. Glistening in every shade of blue, capturing our imaginations, and hiding secrets in the translucent depths. Sparkling seductively, the tides flow unceasing. A kiss for every shoreline. A hint of mystery beneath every wave.

Shimmering Seas features 10 carats of brilliant blue laser carved topazes, set in hand forged sterling silver bands that echo the shifting of the tides. Startlingly elegant curves both frame and reveal the gorgeous gems, like rippling waves caught in mid-motion.

  • Measures 2.25 inches from top of earwire
  • Hand forged in sterling silver
  • Features artist's mark on each earring
  • Ships in 2 business days
  • Complimentary US shipping

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