Shadows Black Druzy Fine Art Earrings by Kaelin Design
Shadows Black Druzy Fine Art Earrings by Kaelin DesignShadows Black Druzy Fine Art Earrings by Kaelin DesignCustom Luxury Gift Wrapping by Kaelin Design



Shadows are the stuffs that dreams are made of. They define the edges of the living world in shades of black and gray, but waver and disappear in the brightest lights. They spark our imaginations as children, drawing the eye, and dancing at the edges of all possibilities. Is that a monster, lying in the corner? Or is that the door to fairyland below the tree?
I have always thought of black druzy as shadows frozen in stone, glittering with possibilities, and just waiting to spark the imagination. These earrings are for the dreamers, that look not only at what is, but what could be.

  • Hand forged in Sterling Silver
  • Pair of 8mm Natural Black Druzy Cabochons
  • 1.5 inches from the top of the ear wire
  • Signed by the Artist
  • One of a Kind Original

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