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18 Karat gold and Argentium silver, fuse together in this stunning Mokume Gane pendant featuring a white sapphire and Argentium silver framework in this modern design inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs. The linear nature of architecture that blends with the organic forms of the surrounding area is simply breathtaking.

The Wright Metals pendant measures 1.75 inches in length, and features a permanently incorporated 18 inch sterling silver chain. The sapphire in this pendant is a beautiful 3mm AAA clean natural white sapphire.

Mokume Gane means “wood grain metal” in Japanese. It is the ancient art of fusing many alternating layers of different metals, which are fused together, and then patterning this fusion using hammers and hand tools to create highly intricate surface embellishment. Originally invented to decorate the handles of folded steel swords (also known as “Water Steel” or Damascus Steel), today modern metalsmiths create this wonderful material for personal adornments. The entire process takes about 36 hours to result in a useable material, but the pattern variations possible between copper, brass, silver, various platinum alloys, and most of the colors of gold are simply amazing.