Briny Depths


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This ocean art pendant is directly inspired by the ebb and flow of the sea along the world's coral reefs. Hosting an endless array of life, these beautiful vistas are buried beneath the waves. It is a myriad of sparkling mirrored bubbles- ephemeral and intermittent. A dozen trillion tiny worlds that exist only to delight, there and then gone.

I am captivated by the ocean in all its forms. From the briny deeps to the shallowest tidepool- each face of the ocean is breathtaking and inspiring. All the world is touched in one way or another by the ocean- and yet so much of it is still undiscovered. Mysterious and overwhelming, or gently lapping on sunlit beaches... the ocean is indescribably wonderful.

I see these temporary beauties as a reflection of the multitude of small miracles that make life astonishing. The shifting seas revealing breathtaking beauty, before life sweeps along and reveals something completely different.

Briny Depths is hand fabricated in Argentium Silver, fused and formed to frame a luscious designer cut Labradorite, and includes an 18 inch double sterling silver chain.